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Fits America™ empowers clinics with free-to-use technology allowing them to fully monetize their patient traffic while bringing patient retention, compliance, and satisfaction to all-new levels.

  • KINESIS: A.I. Biomechanical Assessments
  • HealthLink: All-in-one Patient Management
  • Industry-leading Orthotic Scanning & Ordering
  • Built-in E-Commerce + Automatic Dropshipping

Intake → Assessment → Diagnosis → Treatment → Recovery

  • Built-In Telehealth; Access All Data During Calls
  • Schedule Appointments & Telehealth Sessions
  • Real-time, Compliant Health Data Exchange
  • Send Prescriptions, Exercises, and Care Plans
  • Personalized Wellness Hub for Patients
  • A.I. Symptom Checker with COVID-19 Assessment
  • Track Product Orders and Clinic Sales
  • Simple Links and Logins
  • Easily Import/Transfer Patient Files
Complete Digital
Healthcare Platform

Telemedicine ↔ EMR ↔ E-Commerce ↔ Analytics

Patient Engagement Leads to Better Outcomes

Dynamic Clinic Toolkit

Custom Orthotics

Create & order custom-made orthotics using drag-and-drop accommodations. Using iPad-based technology, scan feet with sub-millimeter accuracy for a perfect fit.


Real-time video capture allows for instant biomechanical assessment and gait analysis. Generates A.I. risk assessment report.

KINESIS: Range of Motion

Customizable video analysis that automatically tracks and measures inclination and alignment in real-time. Generates cloud report.

KINESIS: Back/Vertebrae

Leveraging laser technology, quickly scan posterior to analyze symmetrical imbalances. Identifies physiological effects in real-time.

Fits Intake

Quickly collect and process patient intake forms and import to your patient roster. Patients are instantly synced across all tools.

KINESIS: Posture

Simply take a front and side view picture of a patient to produce a full analysis and report. Automatic skeletal recognition provides an accurate, instant analysis.

Our state-of-the-art tools are completely Cloud + iPad-based.

END to End Patient Management

Fits America™ Platform

Patient Intake

Consistent and comprehensive, our patient intake  gives your business reliable, actionable patient data. A quick, easy iPad-based workflow maximizes data points collected.

Assessment Tools

iPad-based A.I. assessment tools increase patient engagement, establish trust, create value, and develop an accurate patient profile.

Patients can also upload photos/videos for remote assessments.

Patient Management

Access your patient profile data, prescriptions, notes, assessment results, and more with the integrated, compliant & secure Patient management system.

Patient Portal

Promote continued patient engagement with two-way messaging through our personalized patient portals. Automated, customized product solutions help build recurring revenue. Free, unlimited portals and a unique sign-up link for your patients. Our integrated telehealth offers a digital healthcare experience like no other.


Generate a new stream of recurring revenue across your patient population using our  inventory of orthopedic products. We handle shipping and dropship to your customers, so you have no investment and hold no inventory.

Fits America™ provides Simple, Compliant, & Secure technology to your business.

Integrated Cloud EMR for Instant Patient Records

All analyses and patient notes and data are at your fingertips using our HealthLink EMR platform. Patient data is securely stored and synchronized between all clinical tools. Interfaces directly with the patient portal for scheduling, file upload, care plans, and Telehealth.

Ease of Use...

When used in conjunction with the Fits Intake app or any other Fits app. All client data is captured and stored and available throughout your enterprise.

Compliant & Secure

Regulatory compliance for health & patient data requires strict adherence to a myriad of security and electronic protocols. Fits EMR alleviates this burden with built-in compliance for US and Canadian regions.

Communicate with Patients

Stay engaged with patients with two-way messaging between the Fits EMR and Patient Portal. All patients have access to a personalized portal where they can see your recommendations, and upload files for remote diagnostics during telehealth.

best-in-class products; Built-in ECommerce

Product Lines

Access our full inventory of exclusive health products including: compression wear, orthopedic bracing, DNA kits, prefabricated and 3D custom orthotics, nutrition bundles, and more.

Earn commissions on all sales.
Hold no inventory; We handle all shipping.

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